2019 Ames Contractor Council Committees

Contractor Awards Committee

Charter: Recognize deserving contractor employees and teams of contractors for exceptional performance on NASA Ames Research Center programs.  Present these awards annually in front of their peers and management from both the civil servant and contractor staff.

Chair:             Deborah Kolyer, SETI Institute Inc.

Co-Chair:      Sandra Rasmussen, Critical Realm


Ames Calendar Committee

Charter: Coordinate the creation, production and sales of a calendar that is representative of NASA Ames and Moffett Field to serve as a fundraiser to support Ames community programs.

Chair:           Faten Mansour, Exquisite Design
                     (Faten Mansour - 408-370-2363)


ACC Golf Tournament Committee

Charter: Organize an annual ACC Golf Tournament to promote the partnership between civil servant and contractor staffs and to serve as a fundraiser in support of Ames community programs.

Chair:            Trey Croom, USRA

Co-chair:    Stephen Perry,


Imagination Foundation Committee

Charter: Develop and implement an educational outreach program utilizing the management and technical contractor staff who are synergistic with NASA Ames educational programs. See Grant Application on this website to learn more about the Imagination Foundation.

Chair:            David Cornelius, AMA

Co-Chair:    Linda McCahon, Noblis
                     (linda.mccahon-1@nasa.gov - 650-604-6251)


Contractor Council Marketing Communications Committee

Charter: Communicate to the ARC community who we are and what we do and seek opportunities to represent the council and its membership. The expected outcome is that the ARC community is better informed regarding the ACC and its capabilities in support of Center goals. Follow our blog at: www.amescontractorcouncil-blog.com                        

Chair:         Renee Mitchell, RMV Technology Group LLC
                   (renee@esdrmv.com - 650.964.4792)


Public Policy Committee

Charter: Create support within the public arena for all of NASA Ames efforts.

Chair:            Sara Jain, Tellus Solutions


Safety Outreach/Awards Committee

Charter: Recognize deserving contractor employees and civil servants for their safe performance on NASA Ames Research Center projects and programs. Present these awards annually in front of their peers and management, both civil servants and contractors.

Chair:             Mike D. Weiss, Jacobs Technology Inc.
                       (Michael.D.Weiss@nasa.gov - 650-604-3434)

Co-chair:       Linda McCahon, Noblis
                       (linda.mccahon-1@nasa.gov )


Small Business Committee

Charter: To inspire local and regional Small Businesses to: play a vital role in the future of space exploration, and specifically develop services, technologies, and manufacturing in support of the Ames Research Center mission. To represent, protect, and grow the interests of Small Business at Ames Research Center.

Chair:             Saba Hussain, USRA
                       (Shussain@usra.edu )

Co-chair:        Jasmine Ali, Bay Systems Inc.


Website Committee

Charter: Develop and Maintain the ACC Website, including compliance with ARC and ACC guidelines and regulations. Review and ensure timely updates of content in support of the ACC mission.

Chair:              Faten Mansour, Exquisite Design

Last Updated: 08/07/2019
Curator: Faten Mansour
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