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The ACC conducts several annual and special events to raise awareness of the organization's value to the Ames Community.

Ames Contractor Council Calendar

Committee Chair: Faten Mansour Exquisite Design, (408-370-2363)
Committee Co-chair: Kimberly Salazar, SGT

The Ames community looks forward to every Fall as the season when the ACC produces its annual NASA Ames Calendar. The full color production theme for this year features cutting edge technology at NASA Ames Research Center, it is quite a collector's item!


Companies with active contracts at NASA Ames have the opportunity to contribute funds towards calendar production in exchange for having their logo featured on the back cover as well as one month, plus free calendars! Thank you to all the sponsors for their support and contribution.

Please use the PayPal button from below to purchase a calendar or multiple. Please note that you do not need to have an account to donate using PayPal.

Please make sure to list your company's name with your order on PayPal.

Sold calendars can be picked up in person or by shipping to a location of your choice. There will be extra charge for the shipping and handling depending on the weight of the shipment and the location where the calendars would be shipped to. Please send your preference to Faten Mansour to arrange for this transaction.

$15 donation per calendar plus $3.7% + 0.30 cents on each transaction for Paypal, equal to $15.57 per calendar.

Thank you!
Last Updated: February 02, 2022
Curator: Faten Mansour
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